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  Why the Need for Education?
Small children are abused for being LH
LH face dangerous work conditions, discrimination
Discrimination against LHs effects RHs too
Information can help solve these problems


 H A N D E D N E S S   I N F O

Below are a series of topical papers written by the Institute's director, Dr. M.K. Holder.  These short articles summarize the current state of scientific understanding on various topics related to handedness.
 NOTE:  Topics listed that are not linked will become available over the next several weeks, please visit again for the latest updates.
   Parents' Guide to Handedness
   Teachers' Guide to Handedness
   Employers' Guide to Handedness
   Students' Guide to Handedness

   The Development of Handedness in Children
   Handedness & Personal Health & Safety
   Handedness & Brain Lateralization
   Handedness & Learning Disorders
   Assessing Hand Preference
   Inability to Distinguish Left from Right
Articles © 2003 MK Holder, HRI and may not be published elsewhere.


 P R I N T  &  P O S T

Left Write Poster   Wrong Desk Poster   Half Desks Hurt Poster

HRI offers free posters for teachers and employers to print and post in classrooms and workplaces. Posters are suitable for either International A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) or US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) paper sizes.
   Teaching Left-Handers to Write Poster
   What's Wrong with This Desk?  Poster
   Half Desks Hurt Students  Poster
   (more posters coming soon)


 O N L I N E   S U R V E Y S

The Institute will soon be conducting online surveys and a hand preference questionnaire.
 (Surveys and details forthcoming.)
   HRI Handedness Questionnaire
   HRI Survey #1
   HRI Survey #2


 C O M M U N I C A T I O N   F O R U M S

Scientific communication is typically one-way : expert to non-expert.  But non-specialists often know things that experts do not.  HRI is committed to establishing avenues of communication among researchers, professionals, and the public. 

         Communication Forum
            ... for research-related ideas (not questions)

         gauche!  Left-Handers in Society
            ... for applied left-handed issues & strategies
             Edited by HRI Director M.K. Holder since 1996

             ... about the Institute or HRI website

   H R I   A C T I O N !   C A M P A I G N

Three global educational problems can be fixed -- forcing children to use their less-skilled hand, improper teaching of left-handed writing, and school desks that discriminate against both left- and right-handed students. HRI's Action! Campaign focuses on providing parents, educators, and administrators the knowledge and resources they need to erradicate these problems. Learn how you can improve the education of students in your area :
   Teaching Writing

   Fair Desks

   Don't Switch Left-Handers (forthcoming)

 D I S C O V E R  &  E X P L O R E

Handedness and things related to hands have captured our imagination for centuries.   This section offers a host of entertaining and informative materials, suitable for K-12 educational use and for anyone who enjoys discovering and exploring new horizons.   So go ahead, have some fun (and maybe even learn something new).
 Pages not linked will become available over the coming weeks.
   P R O V E R B S   &   C L I C H É S

   H A N D   M A T H

   S L I D E  P U Z Z L E S
      Mosiac Hand Puzzle
      M.C. Escher Hands Puzzle

   M A T C H I N G  G A M E S
      Primate Hands Matching Game

   F A M O U S  L E F T - H A N D E R S

   H A N D   S H A D O W   P U P P E T S


 C H E C K L I S T S

Checklists are a quick and easy way to determine how well left-handers are accomodated in the classroom, the workplace, or the home.   See how you rate.
 (coming soon)
   Teacher / Administrator Checklist
   Employer Checklist
   Parent Checklist
   Student Checklist
   Left-Hander Home Checklist


 H I D D E N   B I A S   T E S T S

How do you really feel about right-handers, left-handers, and ambidexters?  Try a Hidden Bias Test and find out.

(forthcoming, pending funding)
   General Test for Everyone
   Teacher / Administrator Test
   Employer Test
   Parent Test

 H R I   I N T E R N A T I O N A L
© 1997 The Living Earth, Inc.
HRI has begun to establish international bureaus in collaboration with colleagues around the world. Currently, Bipinchandra Chaugule (Regional Coördinator for HRI's Pune Bureau) & M.K. Holder (HRI Director) are preparing educational materials for Marharashtra state, India. And Solomon Simutowe (Regional Coördinator for HRI's Lusaka Bureau) & Dr. Holder are engaged in a Zambia-wide teacher education project. International offices greatly enhance the Institute's ability to conduct research and provide public education worldwide.

 C O N T A C T

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The Institute's work depends upon your tax-deductable contributions, proceeds from Institute merchandise (coming soon), and proceeds from Institute publications.  
The Institute is currently seeking major funding.

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