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The Handedness Research Institute advances the scientific
understanding of handedness (left-handed, right-handed,
and mixed manual preferences) and helps alleviate
the social and educational discrimination of left-handers
worldwide through research and education.

The Institute

> Facilitates & supports interdisciplinary & international research & training

> Disseminates scientifically accurate educational resources globally

> Raises awareness of issues of public concern related to handedness

> Provides a communication forum for researchers, professionals & the public

Quote of the Week :
«During high school and college, I often found myself twisted around the right-handed desks attempting to find a comfortable position to write in.... this has contributed to the serious lower back pain that I have experienced since I was 16 years old.»
The Institute is currently seeking major funding. Features listed below that are not linked will become available over the coming months, as funding allows.

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  U P C O M I N G   R E S E A R C H   C O N F E R E N C E
    The Development of Handedness in Children
 M E D I A   R E S O U R C E S   (coming soon)
    13 August  is  International Left-Hander's Day
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Advancing basic research and alleviating social and educational discrimination worldwide

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